10 Great Gift Box Ideas

There are times when you want to spoil someone  but find that a single gift just isn’t enough to show how strongly you feel about them. Or maybe you’ve found the most amazing gift but you don’t want to hand it over in just ordinary wrapping paper and are looking for a wonderfully unique and novel gift box.

We understand how important it is to let someone know how much you care and that presentation is a huge part of giving a great gift. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten great gift box suggestions to suit a variety of tastes and occasions, which we’re sure will inspire you to give an amazing gift that will be remembered.


Do you know someone who’s a little bit of a Cookie Monster? If so, then a box full of cookies might just allow them to release their inner monster! This gift box idea is a great gift to give for any cookie lover on their birthday as the gift box is filled with handmade and decorated Happy Birthday vintage style tea and cake inspired cookies.

Nothing can quite prepare you for becoming new parents but before you know it, time has passed and they’ve already outgrown all of the things that made them appear so small during those early months. The Born in 2017 Keepsake Box allows you to treasure all of those first precious memories.

This is a gift box idea for the creatives because it really is all about thinking outside the box rather than what’s in it. Packhelp are a European company that specialises in creating your own tailor-made box that you can order in large quantities. This is probably best suited for corporations but the endless possibilities that it offered meant that we simply had to include it on our list of great gift box ideas.

Who isn’t a coffee expert at this point? However, if you know someone who goes above and beyond coffee snobbery and loves to know the ins and outs of how to perfect a cappuccino, then the exclusive Coffee Lovers Gift Box is a gift box suggestion they’re sure to love.

Is your father a little bit of a golf nut? Or what about your husband? If you have someone in your life whose idea of a good time is trying to hit a ball into a hole, then the Golfers Gift Box might be the perfect gift to give the golfer who already has all of the latest equipment.


The Florence Bath Gift Set is an award-winning gift set from the Winter in Venice which is certain to delight any woman who loves to indulge in a soothing warm bath. Not only does this gift set come with all of the immersive gels and lotions but one of the best aspects of this gift box is the gift box itself, which is a delightful cabinet that is highly decorative and reusable.

The right wedding gift can be hard to find if you want to give something beyond cash in a card. The Champagne Celebrations Hamper is a wonderful gift box to give newlyweds with its collection of chocolates, candles and champagne along with a reminder of their love with a keepsake 3 hanging love heart frame.

If you want to spoil the man in your life with a bounty of gifts, then a great gift box idea is the Gadget Guy gift hamper which contains a variety of magazines, sweets and toys for him to play with.

If you’re looking for a personalised gift box for an upcoming anniversary then the wine box is a perfect present to let someone special know how much you cherish them. This re-usable gift box not only contains a bottle of wine but an engraving of how many anniversaries you’ve spent together along with other important pieces of information that makes your relationship special.

We can’t forget our own amazing Gift Box. Not only does it do everything that the others we’ve mentioned do (provided you put your own goodies inside), but it offers something very unique and personal with the ability to include your very own video message. They’ll be able to hear your voice when they open their Viftbox Gift Box and see your face as you give them all of their pampering gifts. It also makes for a great keepsake box that you can store captured memories on.

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