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6 Touching Anniversary Ideas That Will Recapture Young Love In Its Prime

When your anniversary comes around, you will be racking your brain searching for that great idea that will make this year special.

Although you could spend so long searching for that often elusive idea that you end up pulling out your hair and talking to your feet, it might be a better idea to just check our list for tips. 

Here are some anniversary suggestions that will recapture young love in its prime…

1. Learn a new skill together

Relationships are a partnership: you are supposed to be in this as a team. So why not take up something new and have fun together in the process?

Whether it is taking cooking lessons, dance classes or learning to make animal balloons for the pests – you get to learn a new skill and, more importantly, set time aside every week where you will be spending quality time together.

2. Set a challenge for you two

Have either of you become lazy or doing less exercise than before? Then why not agree to both run a 5km race together? This will get you in good shape and have huge long-term health benefits.

It also helps you set a target together – from setting a goal of running the race in a certain amount of time to just being able to finish the race – this is a great way to have fun while also setting out to achieve something.

And hey, if fitness isn’t your thing then, maybe try a two-player video game or take on a movie marathon!

3. Make plans for the future

While anniversaries are typically a time for looking back on the past few years, why not make plans for where you want to be in a few years’ time?

Whether it is getting a promotion in work, moving cities or starting a family, nothing will quite get the heart racing like pinning down your hopes for the months and years ahead.

4. Recreate an old photograph of you two

This isn’t to say you can’t reflect on the past.

You can take inspiration from the social media trend the #10YearChallenge and recreate an old photograph of the two of you in your heyday.

Try and find the oldest picture of the two of you on social media or simply an old photo that you both love and recreate the scene as best as you can.

It might not always be the most complimentary shot but it will certainly make for a good keepsake and should be a bit of fun!

5. Make a personalised video

What better way of telling your partner how you feel than by making the effort to film a homemade declaration of love.

We’re not talking about a WhatsApp clip here! With Viftbox, you can send your video inside of a traditional card so that they can hold onto it as a keepsake that they will treasure for years to come. 

6. Do something adventurous you normally wouldn’t do

As the song goes: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

If the answer is ‘too long ago’ use this anniversary as a chance to be adventurous and try something new.

Whether it is skydiving, bungee jumping or maybe something a little less extreme, trying something new will remind you of all the shared experiences between you and your loved one – and all the memories that are yet to be made.

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