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Break Hearts From Abroad – 7 Gift Ideas When You Just Can’t Be There

Being apart from someone you love is hard – but especially so on Valentine’s Day, when couples are supposed to be up to their armpits in ostentatious romantic gestures.

So, if you’re far away, it means you can’t simply get down on one knee with a rose in your teeth while playing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ on the ukulele. No, you’ll need to try harder – and you’ll need to show how much you care with an extra special gift.

Here are a few red-hot romantic suggestions…

1. Name a star after them

If you and your partner live in different countries, what better to share than one of the few things you can both see at the same time – a celestial body.

While perhaps not as practical as a new vacuum cleaner, having a star named after your partner is a surefire 10 out of  10 in the romance stakes. And there are billions of stars out there, so go on, have a google, it’s not as expensive as you might think…

2. Make a book out of your emails

Communication by email can seem rather cold and sterile, but if you live apart, that’s where much of your personal conversations will take place.

So why not turn your favourite email exchanges from your relationship into your very own love story by making them into a personalized book with just two copies – and stick one in the post for your partner.

3. Say it in song

OK, we did point out earlier that the ukulele was a no-no, but we all have special songs that mean something in our relationship, whether it’s My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion or You Shook Me All Night Longby AC/DC.

Tug at your partner’s musical heartstrings with some tactically thoughtful tunes – either stick a USB key in the post with a playlist of your favourite love songs that’ll help your partner hear loud and clear how you feel about them, or create and sync the playlist online.

You’re guaranteed to make their heart sing.

4. Video love bomb them

Everyone has got hundreds of photos and videos on their phones these days, but there’s still something extra special about that something tangible that you can hold in your hand.

Recently described as ‘a revolutionary take on a postcard,’ Viftboxallows you to send a personalised video to the one you love inside a traditional card. So, what’s holding you pack? Get recording your message of love and have it delivered the very next day!

5. Engraved jewellery

Nothing says commitment like a nice bracelet or necklace or ring, even more so if it’s engraved with a romantic message.

Your other half will be mightily impressed by the thoughtful gesture, and even if you have to shell out a large wad of cash, at least jewellery is cheap to ship!

6. Pillowcase faces

If you want to do something fun that involves the bedroom, then go online and make your own customized pillow cases with your face on one (for your partner) and your partner’s face on the other (for you).

It means you’ll always get to kiss your other half good night, and maybe even drool on them a bit while you’re asleep.

7. Say it with flowers

Classic and classy, nothing beats the delivery of a dozen fresh, red roses to your partner’s home or, even better, their place of work for maximum kudos. Nobody, male or female, dislikes the gesture of a beautiful bunch of flowers, so you can’t go wrong.

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