Ask Your Bridesmaids with These Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s your turn to shine in white as he’s finally asked the question and you’ve got a checklist a mile long as you start preparing for your big day. Now that you’ve got the guy, you’ve popped the celebratory Champagne with him and your family and you have the date set, all you need are your girls by your side to make sure that your wedding is everything that you imagined it to be.

Asking your bridesmaids to be by your side for your most special day is an act that should be enjoyed and savoured as much as any other. Your friends who have harboured your secrets, supported you through the heartache and shared your joy will be honoured to be a part of your wedding. Therefore, use this time to acknowledge how privileged you are to have such amazing women in your life that you can count on by putting in a bit of effort in how you ask them.

Here are our suggested creative bridesmaid gifts that make fabulous ways to recruit your team of bridesmaids.

Keep Them Guessing

Your soon-to-be bridal squad know their formal invitations are coming. You’ve been talking about this day with your closest friends for years, even before Mr He’ll Do came along and with your guidance eventually became Mr Right. However, tease out the question with these unique bridesmaid gifts that will prolong the anticipation of being formally asked just that little bit longer:

Message in an Egg

Smiles are sure to crack when the eggs are cracked for the surprise inside:

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Your friendship has always been puzzling, so why not ask with a custom-made jigsaw puzzle:

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Secret Message in a Sea Shell

She sells sea shells by the sea shore, and you can round up your mermaids with a message hidden inside a shell.

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Be Sweet

So the saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a good way to snare an eager-to-please bridesmaid is with a little bit of sugar to make her smile that sweet tooth of hers when you ask her the question. These deliciously inspired bridesmaid gifts are sure to eat away any hesitations she might have.

Cupcake in a Jar

Pick their favourite flavour to show how well you know them, or go with the colour theme of your wedding, but either way, a cupcake-in-a-jar just sounds too good to resist.

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Dress Cookies

Give them one of these colourful cookies to enjoy while they chew on your proposal.

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Personalised Coffee Cup

Your bridesmaids need to be always on their toes, so caffeine is well recommended for the coffee addicts.

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Spell out your question for them with chocolates.

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Fortune Cookie

Let them know their future with these fortune cookies.

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Give Them a Giggle

If they’re bridesmaid material, then you’ve likely shared side splitting moments together and laughed so hard that you’ve cried. Ask them to help you get through the day with these funny bridesmaid gifts and if they’re really your friend, then they’ll see the funny side of your tongue-in-cheek question.

Folding Cards

These folding cards are sure to make her laugh and sublimely give a subtle message.

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Funny Cards

 Amusing cards are an easy and fun way to ask a bridesmaid and these humorous cards are straight to the point.

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Stick to the Theme

If you’re planning on uprooting everyone and sending your guests packing for an abroad wedding, or you have a desire to do something a little different than what’s considered the norm, then you’ll need support. Get your bridesmaids on side and chorusing your elaborate plans with these wedding themed bridesmaid gifts.

Message in a Bottle

Ask your friends to join you for a memorable day at the beach by giving your bridesmaids Message In A Bottle style invitations.

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Glass Ornament

Most weddings are typically in the sun, but a snowy white Christmas themed wedding can be a beautiful and elegant affair. Stick with the theme by asking your favourite women to be the bride’s little helpers with a glass ornament containing the question.

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For the elegant and traditional affair, woo your prospective bridesmaids with a personalised vintage-inspired handkerchief.

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Make it Personal

Your bridesmaids have been sworn to secrecy ever since you became best friends and with your wedding approaching, now more than ever you need to make sure they keep all that they know about you to themselves. Here are some personalised bridesmaid gifts that are certain to keep those trusted women silent with these great reminders of your sisterhood friendship.

Drinking Mug

If they’re a tea or coffee drinker, invite them around and have the question printed on the bottom of the mug so they’ll see it at the end of the drink.

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Personalised Wine Bottle Labels

Have a girl’s night in for those you want to ask with customized wine bottle labels. You can even get custom made wine glasses if you really want to spoil them.

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Personalised Clutch

Give them a clutch of make-up and goodies and have their names etched inside along with the question.

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A Picture Frame

A rustic-loving wooden frame showcasing a picture of the two of you with the question ‘Be My Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor?’ is sure to bring back the memories.

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Viftbox Gift Box

Give them the honour of hearing in your voice just how much you want them to be your bridesmaids with a Viftbox Gift Box. Fill the bridesmaid keepsake box with pampering gifts and mementos and complete it with a personalised video message.

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Bridal Bribery

And if sentiment won’t work, splurge with these bridesmaid gifts to ensure they take your secrets all the way to the wedding.

Beautiful Bangle

A beautiful bangle that lets them know just how much you need them on the day.

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Bracelet:

Let your bestie know how much you need them a bracelet that declares “I need you by my side, will you help me tie the knot?”.

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Champagne Labels

And if all else fails, pop open a personalised Champagne bottle and then pop the question. If they want a glass poured, they’ll have to say yes to your request. Especially after a few persuasive glasses.

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