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5 Birthday Gift Ideas That Work For Every Age Group

When that time of year comes around (the often dreaded birthday of a loved one) it can feel like the pressure is on to deliver.

When you think about all they do for you over the course of a year, you want to make sure that you show your appreciation and how much you really care. 

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions that will let your friend or loved one know how much they mean to you with a thoughtful gift.

1. Reignite an old hobby

Does your friend still have that guitar in the corner gathering dust? Do they talk about their glory days on the sports field?

Why not push them into getting back into that old hobby by getting them something that will remind them how much they once loved it?

Whether it is music lessons, or gym wear – or even membership – making that first step back into an old hobby is a fun idea that is sure to go down well.

2. Get them a subscription to a service they often use

Whether it is Netflix, Spotify or their favourite podcast network, getting a year’s worth of a subscription to any of these services is something you know they will appreciate – and a present that they will get great use out of.

While you could dish out for a more extravagant gift, this is something you know will be appreciated and used. Not only this, but they will remember your gesture every time they log on.

3. Cook them a home-made meal

Young or old, there is nobody who wouldn’t appreciate a nice meal out.

However, people also like their home comforts so why not call over to their place with all the ingredients you need for a special birthday dinner?

More personal than a meal out, this also makes it easier for inviting others to join without demanding an overly expensive outing.

4. Splash out for a StubHub voucher

Buying your friend a ticket for a sporting event or a gig is a great idea. But you can’t read minds – maybe they’re a football fan who isn’t too pushed about going to a game or don’t want to see the band they listened to when they were in college.

Giving them this voucher will give them the excuse for a night out but leaves the most important decision – what to see – up to them.

This also doesn’t pressure them into taking a particular person: If you give them two tickets to a sporting event, it can be hard for them to tell if they should take you with them or not.

A voucher gives them the option to go where they want – and take whoever they want with them.

5. Make a personalised video with a difference

While you are out there looking for the perfect gift, don’t overlook what you can get at Viftbox. 

If you haven’t already heard, Viftbox allows you to send a traditional gift card or giftbox with a personalised video inside. 

Although it might sound a bit high tech, it’s actually incredibly affordable. What’s more, it will serve as a sentimental gesture that can be looked back on and replayed for years to come. 

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