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5 Ways To Remind Your Parents That You Care When You’re Living Abroad

When you’re living out of the country it can be hard to stay in touch with those you care about at home.

Between the normal fast-paced life and even living in a different time zone, it can be hard to find 15 minutes on the phone with your mother and father. So when that special occasion comes around, be it a birthday, anniversary, Christmas – or just to say you care – there are a number of ways you can show loved ones you are thinking about them.

With Viftbox, you can send a personalised video to those at home to give them a unique gift tailor-made for them.

Here are five ideas that can show those you love that you care while overseas.

1. Take a look around the new office

If you are sending the video to a parent, one of the best messages you can deliver is that you have settled in and you are happy in your new surroundings.

A quick glance around the workplace – perhaps even with a quick introduction to the people you spend eight hours a day with – can be reassuring for those still at home.

2. Make a video introducing new people you’ve met

Following on from the office, you may prefer to introduce your loved ones to the people closest to you in your new home.

A boomerang-style look around the dinner table where you and your new friends are sharing a meal (or even a few drinks) will no doubt lift the spirits of those you care about at home.

Showing your parents that you are settled and happy where you are will give them great reassurance and add to a special message that you are still thinking and care about them, even though you are geographically far away.

3. Share a photo album of the sights and sounds of your new surroundings

While recording your message you can also include the sights and sounds of your new surroundings.

For instance, if you are in Paris, while you are telling your loved ones about your time away, you can have a slide-show of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

If you’re in Sydney, maybe a shot of the world-famous Harbour Bridge will underline the point that you are having the experience of a lifetime.

4. Give a gift box including traditional gifts from your new home

Another good way to show you care and are thinking about those still at home is to send a gift box filled with traditional items from your new home away from home.

Whether it’s Belgian chocolates or Merino Wool from New Zealand, a special touch of something that your folks can’t get their hands on back home will mean that much more.

5. Just say hi…

If you’re not one for fluff or sending home big gifts, you could always just say hello and tell your parents how you’re getting on. 

A simple, heartfelt message will show those that left at home how much you miss them and that they are on your mind.

Simple, effective, and something that your folks will appreciate for years to come.

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