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How To Be There When You Can’t Be There – A Touching Gift For Unmissable Events

Whether it is a special occasion: a wedding, anniversary or graduation, there are many special family days out that make memories for years and decades to come.

However, sometimes, you just can’t be there.

Whether you are overseas or tied up at work, missing the kind of events that you know you should really be at will always sting. 

However, although you can never really replace the memories lost from your absence, there are ways to make a special gesture and even a minor appearance for your loved ones.

Make a personalised video message

With Viftbox, you can send a personalised, unique video message to say you wish you could be there in a really special way.

Everyone has got hundreds of photos and videos on their phones these days, but there’s still something extra special about that something tangible that you can hold in your hand.

Recently described as ‘a revolutionary take on a postcard,’ Viftbox allows you to send a personalised video to the one you love inside a traditional card.

Whether it’s wishing a grandparent a happy birthday, or letting everyone know you are thinking about them during a family reunion or wedding, using Viftbox, you can really let your family or friends know how much you wish you could be there. 

Send a gift box

You can excuse your absence by sending a gift, but why stop at something small?

A few items that show how much you care and that you are thinking about them is another gesture that will mean a lot.

A few simple treats that show you are there in spirit can lift the mood of those who are at home.

Whether it is something special from where you are, or sourcing local goods to show you are very much there in spirit, there are lots of things you can do to make your mark on the event – even if you can’t be there in person.

Oh, and just, ya know, by the by… with Viftbox you can include a personalised video message along with your special gift. 

It may not be the same as being there, but for those who are, it will be the next best thing. 

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