Video content is on the rise and Viftbox is at the forefront of this industrial shift in content marketing.

Our product range of video marketing solutions include corporate video brochures and video gift boxes, which are the ideal method to inform of a service, promote a product or create brand awareness.

Corporations face an ever-growing need to reach their audience using dynamic and modern-day marketing materials to communicate clear and engaging messages, which is where Viftbox comes in. Effective video marketing tools have the ability to grab your clients’ attention and deliver your message exactly as you intend it by combining the innovations of digital printing and motion picture technology.

Viftbox’s corporate video products are a cutting edge and affordable marketing tactic certain to bring results.

Video brochures make an immediate impact when opened and can create a lasting impression. Because video is a limitless and powerful means of communication, VIftbox’s video products bring to life your presentations, invites and marketing promotions and can be used in a variety of promotional marketing campaigns, which include:

  • Trade show collateral
  • Press packs
  • Sales force leave behinds
  • Internal communications
  • User guides
  • Product Packaging
  • Retail FSDUs

The packaging can be either in our standard packaging options or customised to your outlined specifications to create something completely bespoke that best represents your brand guidelines.

The integrated 256MB memory card offers approximately 12-15 minutes of video, which is automatically prompted to play on the 4:3 micro-thin LCD screens when the magnetised book-cover is opened. This seamless process allows your customer to get immersed within your multi-media presentation without complication and the USB connection allows for the unit to be recharged or updated as required.

The value of handing a video brochure to a client at a buzzing event is watching it instantly attract attention, capturing the imagination and being shared around to those drawn in to discover more about your brand. Viftbox’s effective, efficient and economically beneficial marketing tools allows your corporation to create a positive impression as memorable as a firm handshake.