Get Creative: The Very Best Ways To Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! You must be bursting with excitement, but don’t pop with the news just yet (you can pop open the Champagne, though). You still need to figure out how you’re going to proclaim your committed love to the world!

Maybe it’s been a long time coming and you just want to tell everyone you know as fast as possible, but if you can reign in that enthusiasm, you could do something more memorable than simply updating your Facebook status to ‘engaged’.

The first thing you need to do is to remember to draw in a deep breath, which might lead to taking the next few days to enjoy this new step in your relationship with just your newly betrothed. Let your secret settle with you and use the time to figure out an unforgettable way to break your wedding announcement.

Whatever creative way that you decide upon, remember that your parents should be the first to hear your happy news. Don’t let them hear it from someone else just because they’re not regular checkers of their Facebook newsfeed.

Make sure they get your creative wedding announcement first, or if you want to do something traditional, tell them face to face and let them share in the news breaking around you.


Enlist Your Pet’s Help

Of course, you want to ensure that your big news remains a surprise when you announce it to the public. However, you might want a little help with the big reveal and one reason why animals are such great family members to get involved with wedding announcements is because they know how to keep a secret until the time is right.

It also helps that they also don’t know how to say no!

Think of how many intimate walks your dog has shared with the two of you, the amount of times your dog has hogged your side of the bed, and how they never choose a side in an argument (though you know they secretly agree with you).

It’s only fitting that they’re a part of the fun and an adorable wedding announcement that’s sure to gather attention on your social media platforms is roping your dog into your ‘We’re Tying the Knot’ news.


Make a Wedding Announcement Video

If you’re lucky and managed to capture the proposal on film, then there might not be anything better than sharing the exact moment when he got down on one knee to ask the question. Video wedding announcements are a great way to break the news with those closest to you, and a truly memorable way would be using Viftbox’s Video Cards or Video Books.

Imagine your parents’ faces when their Video Book is delivered to their home and they open it to see your romantic engagement played out. Your family will be able to tell the neighbours your happy news without forgetting any of the important details!

If your husband-to-be didn’t remember to set up a camera and press record for your priceless reaction, you could always make a fun ‘We’re Engaged’ video after.

What’s more, you can even hold onto the tangible announcement as a priceless keepsake for years to come. Find out more here…


Engagement Mug

Coffee or tea mugs are a great way to silently break the news. Not only do you have coffee and tea on hand to calmly sip to personify your utter calm collected self while everyone else is in hysterics around you, but you’ll have a great vantage point to watch their priceless reactions.

You could even turn it into a game and wait to see how long it takes for them to notice your ‘Future Mrs {name here}’ message printed on your mug and for the penny to drop.


Wear Your Wedding Announcement

You’re a fashionable lady who knows how to dress for an occasion and leave a room speechless. You coordinate your fiancé so that his clothes match what your wearing and your friends and family all look to you to set the trend.

If that sounds like you, then one suggestion for a stylish wedding announcement is to wear the news. There are a variety of different t-shirts and jumpers available on Etsy that you could don and watch the jaws drop when you take off your coat to let everyone know that you said yes.

Go Old School

Be retro and put in a newspaper ad for a classic wedding announcement. This chic way is a throwback to yesteryear that will leave your hometown talking. You can make sure your parents are the first to know by strolling up for breakfast with a newspaper in hand and asking them to turn to the page.

You’ll also have a lovely memento to remember the day you shared the happy news with those you cared about, one which most people no longer have.


Indulge In Your Wedding Announcement

Food is a tasty and unique wedding announcement. Some handcrafted (or specially ordered) chocolates, cookies or cupcakes spelling out the words ‘We’re Engaged’ is a sweet way to break the news at a gathering of family and friends to turn it into an impromptu engagement party.


Make Your Wedding Announcement Selfie Imaginative

And then there’s the creative selfie wedding announcement. It can’t be ignored. A lot of our suggestions can be applied to making a great Instagram or Facebook post, complete with the appropriate #shesaidyes hashtags. Here are a few more suggestions that are sure to have your friends double tapping, and not just out of obligation.

On the Beach

  • Did he propose on the beach or while on holiday? Then write your announcement in the sand.
  • Make a handprint and place your newly acquired ring “on” the left finger or a simple but creative picture.


  • Take a photo of your new ring on the tip of your dog’s nose.
  • Have them proudly display a ‘Mom & Dad are Getting Married’ sign.

All about the Ring

  • Write on your fingers ‘I said yes’ and form two fists and proudly show off your new ring.
  • Grab two mugs and write “Mr.” on one and “Mrs.” on the other while displaying your ring.

Chalk it Up

  • Write “We’re getting married” with chalk in large letters on a portable blackboard.

Spell it Out

  • Grab the scrabble blocks you need and spell out the words ‘I Said Yes’ or ‘We’re in Love’ or whatever you want. Be even more creative by replacing an appropriate letter such as ‘a’ in said or ‘o’ in love with the ring to really make a point.

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