Father’s Birthday

Dad’s been lonely ever since the last of us flew the nest. I’m the youngest and I try and be a good daughter and make time for regular Skype sessions, so I hated the conversation with him when I broke the news that I wouldn’t be returning home from Australia to Ireland for his birthday like I had planned. I just couldn’t afford to. He was great, extremely understanding, but I just knew he was disappointed that none of his children were around.

I wanted to do something nice and spent hours searching for unique gifts for men, but it was hard to find good gift ideas for under €20. I found Viftbox, and it was the ideal gift solution for travellers! I contacted my brother and sister who were also based abroad and told them my idea, and they quickly sent me their videos. I sent the videos to Viftbox and ordered the card to arrive on his birthday. He said it was the best personalised birthday gift he’d ever received because it was like he had his three children with him & singing Happy Birthday to him all day.

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