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Expat Ordeals: How To Get A Great Gift Home When You’ve Forgotten

“When are you next home?”

“What do you mean you won’t be there? You can’t not go.”

“But It would be so lovely if you could make it.’

Do any of those questions and statements sound all too familiar? How about when they’re combined with a series of Facebook comments, a series of text messages and the not so subtle reminders that the family clan are gathering back home and the only person who’ll be missing for the family event will be you?

Whether you’re backpacking through South East Asia or across Europe, or are living abroad in Australia or Canada, there are simply times when you might not be able to be present for a significant occasion. And it can be pretty tough to send a great gift from abroad when you’re scuba diving.

It’s a problem all travel enthusiasts experience at some point and it can be quite a difficult dilemma to overcome. On one hand, you don’t want to disappoint those who you hold dear. On the other, you don’t want to give up your mornings lounging on Australia’s beaches, posing for a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, sampling the spices of India or immersing in the mind-opening colourful cultures that travelling presents just to join the sing along happy birthday choir. Expatriates and adventurous backpackers are constantly barraged with guilt for missing this and that.

And let’s say that you had the very best intentions and you were going take a break from your travels to come home. You were even excited to after being away for a length of time, but you forgot to plug in your phone, slept through the alarm and you missed your flight, or you’ve been stuck in the airport for six hours due to a delay because the left phalange needs fixing. Bugger, right?

Your well-laid homecoming plans have run amuck, but you still intend on creating an impression and you want to find somewhere that delivers a great gift in 24 hours.

We’ve decided to put our thinking hats on for some of the best next day delivery gifts that expats can send from abroad on short notice, no matter what your circumstances are. Gifts that you can use your phone to order while sipping on those breezy cocktails or hiking that mountain for a spectacular sunrise while keeping the family back home happy.

Gift Hampers

Food. What a great gift. One that’s appreciated by everyone in every country, and for those who have lived abroad for an extended period of time, you’ll understand the joy of receiving a bit of home in the shape of a chocolate bar. And hampers make for great next day delivery gifts.

It would be even better if you could find somewhere that will provide a customised hamper full of treats from the country you’re inhabiting so that you can turn the tables and share a bit of your daily munchies with your loved ones.

Suggestion: https://www.giftsinternational.net


Technically, vouchers probably don’t fall into the category of next day delivery gifts, however, we like to look at the bigger picture. The intention of this list of gift suggestions is to get you out of a tricky situation and find a great gift that can be given within 24 hours when you’re stranded abroad and need something quick that’ll cover you in glory.

Amazon vouchers can be purchased and sent online via e-mail, making it an ideal gift for him or for her, which can be used to shop in the comfort of a bathrobe and slippers. Just make sure you buy the right voucher for their country.

Astley Clarke Jewellery

Maybe you could alleviate any guilt by surprising the intended with some jewellery (some men would swear by this). The acclaimed London jeweller, Astley Clarke, creates fine innovative jewellery designed to inspire the modern woman, and they offer free international delivery to anywhere around the world with the promise that it will be swift.

Free next day delivery gifts are hard to find and while the logistics might prevent the gift from arriving within 24 hours, Astley Clarke guarantee as best they can that it will arrive within two working days to Ireland.


Flowers are so simple that they might have slipped your mind as an option while you were racking your brain for an idea. Flowers prove that next day delivery gifts can be beautiful and a thoughtful bouquet can light up any room.

This is an ideal Mother’s Day gift or as a gift for her birthday. And if you’re willing to go big and dramatic, then all of the pretty colours will certainly distract from your absence.

Suggestion: https//www.flowers.ie

A Viftbox Product

Remember when we talked about that mountain hike or selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower? You could share that experience with your family using our video Viftbox products, which just so happen to be the ideal gift for the Irish expat who’s in need of next day delivery gifts to those in Ireland.

We offer a 24-hour delivery service within Ireland, so we’re pretty useful to have bookmarked. Your ‘green with envy’ inducing videos or messages make for a pretty cool personalised gift and, if you have a family member or a friend who can help you out, you could get the Viftbox Gift Box and ask your accomplice to fill it with your desired item.

And what’s really good about our products (there’s more you say) is that if you have a family member in a similar situation as you who’s living abroad and won’t be able to get home, you could collaborate and create a video together. We’ll leave it between you, though, to figure out who foots the bill.

Unique Gifts

There are various online companies that provide a range of different and unique gift ideas and, for those Irish expats fearing a clatter from the wooden spoon, Gifts.ie provide next day delivery gifts in Ireland. From personalised gifts to gifts for her or gifts for him, there’s a wide selection that will suit just about any traveller’s budget.

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