How To Make An Awesome Personalised Birthday Gesture Without Blowing The Budget

Finding that memorable great birthday gift can be a daunting task. Last week, we offered some cool gift suggestions for those who have such headache inducing gift buying struggles. Personalised gifts can make for a great birthday gift, but what if you’re on a budget? What if you can’t afford that butler service hotel weekend package?

Until your lottery winnings come in (any day now), we’ve compiled a budget mindful list of personalised birthday gifts that you can buy which won’t leave your bank account depleted while looking like you put a great deal of thought into your gift.

Here are some great personalised birthday gift ideas that won’t blow your budget:


Voice Recording Message Mug

This novelty birthday gift lets you add a personalised message to their morning tea or coffee ritual by having your own personalised message played back each time the mug is picked up. Imagine their faces when they hear your voice in the early hours of the morning every time they take a sip.

Personalised Football Superfan Book

Do you have a small child (or a big one) who’s football mad? The Personalised Football Superfan Book makes the story of a heroic footballer on match day about them and can make a unique personalised birthday gift.

Viftbox Video Postcard

Our very own Viftbox Videocard is a pretty great personalised gift to give, and not just those operating within a €20 budget. Much more memorable than any other postcard and they can be created, sent and posted all within five minutes using your own phone, which can be handy if your hiking up a mountain without a postcard stand or postbox in sight.

And there’s nothing quite so personalised than a video message that allows you to say and share exactly what you want to…

Video Post Card

Doodle on your own Pillowcase with Pen Set

We love this one. Admittedly, it could be more suited for children rather than adults, but a personalised pillow that you can write on just sounds like a lot of fun! What a fun birthday gift to give someone.

Now they’ll have somewhere to write when they’re struck by genius in the middle of the night rather than scrambling for a notepad!

Make Your Own Neon Sign

Put their name in lights where it belongs with the Make Your Own Neon Sign kit! It just takes a simple bit of DIY but be a real friend and let them do the hard work themselves, while expecting to see that glowing name proudly on display on the wall the next time you visit.

Scratch Map

For that wandering friend who can’t stay home long enough to grab coffee with you because she’s off embarking on another adventure, the Scratch Map can be a lovely personalised gift to give. Let your friend scratch off all of those places she’s been while figuring out where else still has to be seen as she tries to calm that travel itch she has.

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