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How to Create a Group Gift

Ever had trouble coming up with a great gift idea from a group? A novelty feature of our Viftbox products is the ability to create a unique group gift, no matter where those who want to get involved are based in the world.

It’s extremely easy to make a personalised gift from a group with us, all you have to do is follow the steps outlined below to begin the process:

The Steps:

  • Each person records a video
  • Send the videos to one designated person within your group
  • We advise that you send the videos using WeTransfer to To avoid any confusion and to get the videos in the order you want them to appear in, please rename your videos with your name and the running order. E.g: sandrawilson1, sandrawilson2, sandrawilson3, etc.

That’s it. Three easy steps and you and your family or friends can surprise someone with a great group gift.

Once you’ve sent us your videos, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll compile the videos as you’ve requested and send your one-of-a-kind group gift to the stipulated address. In regard to payment, we don’t take multiple payments, so we suggest that you organise between yourselves one person to bear the initial cost.