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11 ‘Outside The Box’ Hen Party Activities That Are Trending

Most hen nights end the same way – the degree of wildness may vary but the basic ingredients will generally be the same: everyone feeling at least a bit tipsy and dancing, possibly around their handbags, to very cheesy pop music.

So, the best way to tailor your hen is by picking a fun activity for earlier in the day. The activity is a great opportunity for the gang to gel and break the ice. A really great activity will set the tone for the night ahead. And there are now more and more fun activities for hen parties to kick-start the carnage.

Here are 11 of our favourites that are trending right now.

1. Lip sync battles

Your pals can release their inner popstars with this hilarious activity that has exploded in popularity. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, if you can mime along with plenty of attitude and bust some serious moves, you can top the charts…for one night at least.

2. Nude drawing

If you think strippers are a bit tacky, here’s your chance to incorporate a naked hunk into the hen night in the name of art. Tight grip on the pencil, nice even strokes…no sniggering at the back!

3. Paintballing

What better way to bond – and work up a good thirst – than by going full Rambo and blasting the hell out of each other with an afternoon of paintballing. Just make sure you bring a change of clothes or your colour-schemes will be all over the place…

4. Cocktails 

Or maybe you prefer to work up a thirst by working on a thirst-quencher? Cocktail-making is educational, fun and delicious – but when your mixologist has helped you to perfect that perfect Margarita or Mojito, just make sure you don’t start sipping on them too early!

5. Zip lines

You might sometimes feel like telling your friends to zip it, well here’s your chance. If you are feeling adventurous, zip lining is a thrilling way to spend your day, zooming between the tree-tops at high speed. Just don’t look down!

6. Quad bikes

Yes, we know the term ‘quad bike’ is an oxymoron, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing the thrills of riding one of these machines. If you feel the need for speed, and a good splattering of mud in your face, you can’t go wrong.

7. Archery 

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Focus your minds for a proper night’s partying with some infectiously fun archery lessons, followed by a hen v hen arrow-shooting contest. Who will be the group’s William Tell – and who’ll be miles off target?

8. Glamour photo-shoot

If all that outdoorsy stuff sounds like the opposite of fun, why not enjoy a girly experience of a glamorous make-over and photo-shoot. You’ll have a super memento of your night, with all your pals looking their very best. And you’ll save time on getting ready, which means more time out on the town.

9. Segway games

An activity that’s growing in popularity, once you’ve got the hang of driving your Segway, you’ll be ready to take part in a series of brilliant challenges and games, including Segway jousting. After you’ve tried a Segway, walking will seem positively mundane!

10. Escape room

Another activity that’s surging in popularity, this sees your group locked in a room filled with clues, and through imagination, ingenuity and teamwork, try to get out before your time elapses. But you’ll all need to have your wits about you.

11. Dance class

Start as you mean to go on – pick your favourite dance style and have a professional instructor show you a set routine. You can impress onlookers on the dancefloor later by showing off your moves. Flash mob, anyone?

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