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7 Hen Party Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Weddings are expensive enough without factoring in the added cost of a hen party gift for your bride-to-be. Luckily, there are loads of options available that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, both online and off.

Here’s how you can save money on a hen party gift while still delivering a personal touch.

Personalised Slippers

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There’s a reason why slippers remain an absolute gifting staple in the world of weddings – they’re cute, practical and never go out of style!

You can go for some cute monogramming here or the classic Mr & Mrs set. She’ll be thankful for them after a few days of dancing!

Key Chains

Key chains strike that perfect balance of being practical, while also allowing you to be creative. There are loads of different options to go for here – do you want it to incorporate the happy couple or make it a hen party exclusive?

A set of initials, a simple photo or a friendship key ring that means everyone takes a piece home with them. Key chains are simple, but effective and won’t break the bank.

Hair Ties

Perhaps best suited for a bride who isn’t prone to losing things, hen party hair ties are cute, fun and extremely budget-friendly.

Go for a colour scheme that ties in with the rest of the décor for the party, while injecting a good dose of humour with the packaging – because you’ll need one “to have and to hold your hair back”.

Sweet Jars

Your bride might be sweet enough in your eyes, but if she’s a fan of treating herself, this is the perfect choice. Lots of companies offer a wide variety of candy online and not.

Otherwise, bulk buy jars and her favourite sweets and go for the DIY-approach. Indulge your inner Pinterest queen by decorating as you please after. Sure, who doesn’t miss the party bags you used to get at kids’ parties?

Gift Box

Fill ‘er up with some treats for pre and post-wedding pampering. Think face masks, hot chocolate and cosy new pyjamas to see her through days of preparation and the recovery that comes after.

If there’s a specific hobby she’s into, get your other hens to pitch in with some ideas for your giftbox.

Top tip! Essential oils – especially calming ones like lavender – won’t go astray!

Hen Night Message Board

Gather the hens before the party and get them all to write a message to your bride to look back on after the big day. You can go with a specific theme, lead with a question or leave it up to each individual.

Pinboards are fairly easy to pick up in-store and online, and any other additional stationery bits can be picked up at a low cost.

Advent Calendar

This hen party gift requires a bit of DIY skill, but it’s pretty easy once you’re willing to put in the effort. Make the bride an advent calendar for the last month before her wedding, and fill the segments with some of her favourite things – nail polishes, mascara, chocolates, etc.

It’ll give her something to smile about during all the last-minute wedding-prep stress.

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