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How To Plan A Hen For A Low-Key Bride-To-Be

Let’s be honest here – hen parties aren’t for everyone. Coupling a few highly emotional gals with prosecco and rude games can often be a recipe for disaster, and occasionally tears.

However, a hen should simply be about a bride and her gals getting together to have a nice time before the wedding.

If your bride-to-be is apprehensive about her outing, here are some suggestions on how to put her mind at ease while giving her the send-off of a lifetime.

High Tea

Home hen parties are growing increasingly popular, namely because it eliminates a lot of the usual fuss associated with organising a hen. The one downfall of an at-home hen though? The cleanup!

If you fancy a few hours of glamorous fun without scrubbing a single pot, considering booking a mobile afternoon tea service to come to you. There’s plenty of companies to choose from, offering a variety of nibbles for a truly unique day.

Pot Luck Dinner

In the event that you’re not daunted by the thought of scrubbing pots, why not invite everyone over for their own shot at Come Dine With Me?

Pick a theme for the night (Mexican, Indian, Greek) and ask everyone to bring a dish for dinner. Keep it competitive by secretly rating them and giving a prize to the winner.

Alternatively, keep it simple and go without a theme or competitive element, and enjoy the process of breaking bread together.

Sleepover Club

If the bride is truly not on board with dressing up or naff activities, keep it simple and book a night in a hotel for the bridal party.

Throw on your best pyjamas and dig into room service over a few good movies – no pressure, no fuss. On a budget? See if a member of the bridal party can host for the evening – so old school!


Have you ever seen a stressed-out calligrapher? It’s unlikely. Arts and crafts classes have been a popular option for hens for years, but a recent trend emerging for bridal groups is a crash course on the art of calligraphy.

Swap Shop

Sustainable fashion is a huge talking point at the minute, so why not do your bit and host a fun Swap Shop night?

Ask guests to bring 5 items of clothing (in good condition!) that they don’t wear anymore or that they’ve simply fallen out of love with. Hang them in a room of the host’s house and allow guests to peruse the wares for a while.

Kick-off with a countdown, and let everyone pick the pieces they want! It’s a great way to give your wardrobe a fresh injection of fun while keeping it lowkey for everyone involved. Oh, and don’t forget the prosecco.

If In Doubt, Just Ask!

Obviously, it’s great to maintain an element of surprise, but if your bride is pretty particular, and you’re worried about getting it wrong, you’re better off running things by her. It’s a sure-fire way of putting both your minds at ease.

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