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The Elegant Hen Party Gifts That Are Bound To Make An Impression

So your bride is less about phallic straws and more about the finer things in life?

Never fear: there’s plenty of elegant hen party gifts out there that will leave an impression for all the right reasons. Here’s just a few for you to choose from:

Photo Frame

Timeless, classic, and a gift that a person rarely buys for themselves, you can’t go wrong with a classic photo frame.

Depending on your preference, you can get your collage skills on and fill it with pictures of you and the bride, the bride and her mates or the bride and her husband-to-be. Alternatively, bring the personalisation to the frame itself by adding the date of the hen party or the date of the wedding.

There’s a whole realm of options out there, depending on your budget.

Video Book

So a photo frame is one thing, but how about really upping the ante and getting something that is truly going to knock their socks off.

Introducing the video book! Viftbox turns your own photos, videos, and personalised messages into a nifty slideshow then packages that into a real, physical book that can be shared with the bride-to-be on the day of the hen.

It’s unique, it’s personable, and it’s something they definitely haven’t seen before.

Piece Of Art

If everyone else has the same idea and presents the bride with a frame, have no fear – just think of something that she can put into it!

Track down a great creative on social media, choose your medium (a painting of the couple? An illustration of the bride’s dress? A piece of typography featuring lyrics from her favourite song?) and place your order.

If you’re the artsy type, you can skip the above step and just do it yourself. Lucky duck!


When it comes to jewellery, there are loads of options online and in-store. Again, keep it personal with matching pieces, or consider getting something engraved with the date or her new last name – timeless!

Again, this is something where the budget can be at your discretion. Keep in mind, the bride should be happy with your presence alone, so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune.

Mrs Mug

People can be quick to turn their noses up at monogrammed mugs, but here’s why they shouldn’t – they’re cheap, cheerful and practical.

And hey, why limit your bride to beverages? If she’s into her makeup, she’s got herself a ready-made brush holder. Genius.

Recipe Book

This is perfect if you are on a shoe-string budget but are still after something thoughtful that lasts the test of time.

Get all the hens to type (or again, illustrate, should they be that way inclined) their favourite recipe, compile them all into a book and pass them on to the happy couple of years of cooking to come.


If in doubt, champagne is the epitome of class. You can’t go far wrong with it!

Give Your Bride-To-Be The Gift Of Video For Her Hen

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