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These Alternative Hen Party Gifts Will Make The Day Extra Special

So you want to knock your bride off her feet before her big day, but you don’t fancy gifting her with just any old thing?

If you fancy flexing your creative muscles, or just want to give her something that’s a little more outside the box, take a look at our suggestions for some more creative hen party gifts.

Thumb Book

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Get all attendees to print their thumbprint on to a keepsake card or canvas in whatever shape you fancy, for the bride to treasure forever.

Makeup lover? Do it with lipstick instead!

Video Book

Want to give something with a really personal touch? Viftbox takes your own photos, videos, and personalised messages and turns them into a unique video slideshow. Your video book is then packaged into a neat little box and shipped directly to you!

This is a great option if your bride has friends or family abroad who can’t make it for the hen. (Accompanying box of tissues required, as tears are almost guaranteed).

Personalised Hanger

This is a lovely idea, whether you go DIY or purchase from an expert. Why hang a wedding dress on a plain old hanger when you can help the bride commemorate her special day with a functional keepsake?

Check out Pinterest for some inspiration on design ideas, from intricate wire cutting to beautiful paintwork.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo-printing companies will let you put a photo on anything nowadays.

While a photo of the happy couple might be a bit much, why not go for something even more personal, like a picture of the place they first met? This is particularly thoughtful if the happy couple is now living away, giving them an opportunity to remember where it all started.

Card Wreath

Another great option if you’re looking to exercise your crafting abilities. Between the engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding, the happy couple is sure to get swamped in well wishes that are written on cards.

Instead of packing the cards away, provide the bride with a way to display all those sentiments with this card wreath.

Monogrammed Candle

Again, another handy one if you’re a dab hand with crayons and a penknife. Cast your eye over the internet for the best (or perhaps, easiest) DIY candle tutorials and get engraving.

If you don’t trust yourself not to make a total hames of it (a fair excuse, to be honest), you’ll find plenty of sellers on sites like Etsy.

Instagram Frame

K.I.S.S. – keep it simple, stupid! Pick your favourite snap of the couple from their Insta feed, print it and put it in a beautiful frame.

Sure, isn’t your mother always saying what a shame it is that nobody prints photos anymore?

Marriage Survival Basket

Fill up a hamper with all the things you reckon your bride is going to need in her first month.

You can go sentimental with poems and mementoes, edible with sweets and treats, or inject your kit with a sense of humour – think earplugs, paracetamol and coupons for ‘an hour of uninterrupted peace’.

Give Your Bride-To-Be The Gift Of Video For Her Hen

If you want to make the hen night truly memorable, you need to do something different. And with our video books, you can give her a special surprise she’ll never forget!

Click here to explore our video books, and to find out how you can create memories that truly last.

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