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Video Books

You can decorate your home with the captured motion memories shared with you by your loved ones, or display your own most cherished moments proudly in your home with the Video Book.

The decorative gift book can be left out on a coffee table to be admired or stored neatly on a bookshelf.

It’s the ideal bespoke gift to deliver the most personal of messages and can be used for any occasion. You can make your wedding gift one that will forever be remembered by including the most sincerest of messages, and whether you decide to give a Video Book as a thank you gift, use it to sing happy birthday as they open your birthday present, or to add a ribbon to that special Christmas gift, the Video Viftbook is the most memorable gift to receive and have.


We can deliver all Viftbox products within 24 hours if you place your order before 12pm (GMT). For all orders made after 12pm, please allow for 3 working days for delivery within Ireland & the UK. Specific delivery dates can be requested.

This is how it works…

Creating your Viftcard couldn’t be easier.

  • Record your video or upload it from your mobile phone

  • Select one of our Viftbox products, Viftcards, Viftbooks or Viftboxes, available in a number of colours and designs. Your video will be copied to the display box on the product

  • Proceed to order your Viftbox product and choose between having it sent to you or directly to your love one…

That’s it. Three easy steps and you’re done!

Select one of the two options below...

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