Bridesmaid Abroad

So much can happen in just a year. After graduating from college, I left Ireland to travel the world and was still travelling when one of my closest friends from college announced her engagement to her boyfriend of the last three years. I was so excited for them and even more so when I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I was counting down the days until their wedding, until I stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime – one that would meant I couldn’t return back to Ireland for at least 6 months, which clashed with their wedding.

I was devastated at the fact that I had to miss her wedding and the disappointment that I detected in her voice when I broke the news to her stayed with me. She assured me numerous times that she understood, yet I couldn’t shake her dejection. I felt awful, though, and I went searching for a wedding gift that could help alleviate my guilt of missing her big day. I wanted to send a meaningful wedding gift – a unique gift with style, one that would let them know that I was thinking of them on their special day together.

That’s when I found Viftbox – what a great wedding gift idea for couples as their white luxury gift box theme was exactly what I needed. I recorded my message and arranged to have my personalised gift sent to my parents so they could fill the wedding box with a collage of items that represented our friendship and the memories the bride and I had made together. The video box was delivered to her on the morning of her wedding and she told me after that my reassuring words were exactly what she had feared she’d miss hearing while she was getting ready. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for her wedding, but I’m glad to know that she feels that the I had shared her special day.

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