11 Creative and Meaningful Gifts to Give Mom on Mother's Day

11 Creative and Meaningful Gifts to Give Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day will be here before you know it and wouldn’t it be great to give your mom an extra special gift that not only lets her know how much you love her and how grateful you are for her but will also be meaningful and touch her heart.

Check out these 11 creative and meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day.

1. Give Her the Moon, Stars and Night Sky

A little internet research and you can easily find the constellations and the moon position for the exact time you were born. Give your mom the night sky from the night she became a mom.

2. Meaningful Gifts of Time and Talents

The most meaningful gifts for moms are always gifts of your time and talents. Why not put your talents to good use and come up with a creative gift that your mom will treasure for a lifetime.

Sign the two of you up for a class together or give mom a coupon book of experiences so you can spend quality time doing something you both love. You could even check things off her bucket list. 

Make a monthly date with mom to do something meaningful together.

3. Video Book Memories

Cherished memories can create meaningful gifts. Video books are an excellent option to let your mom enjoy reliving those special times forever with just the click of the play button.

You can add the pictures and soundtrack that would mean the most to your mom and personalize this gift for her.

4. Favorite Family Recipes

Make your mom a meal of her favorite recipes from childhood. Pull out your grandmother’s cookbook or recipe box and track down the family recipes that will take her back in time and cook her a meal fit for a queen.

You could even do her a favor and organize them all. Contact distant relatives to learn the recipes passed down through generations and create a recipe book or box for her to have them all in one place.

5. Family Tree

A beautiful copy of your family tree showing your mom’s lineage is a meaningful gift anyone is sure to love. Learning family history and connecting with your roots can be a gift that connects generations past, present and future.

If you want to go beyond the basic family tree chart you could create a family history book that shares family stories from your mom’s life and the lives of ancestors to help your family feel a deeper love, understanding, and connection to generations past and present.

There are DNA tests available that can trace her lineage if she’s always wanted to know where her roots are from. Give her the gift of knowing more about herself and her ancestors’ history. 

6. A Mother’s Journal

Whether you give her a journal with prompts to share memories for her posterity or help her film a video journal sharing stories of her life, you can give her the gift of always knowing she will be remembered and loved in the generations to come.

They will know who she is and what she lived for through her own personal stories and in her own voice. You can give her the gift of knowing that grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other future generations will come to know who she was as she shares her life with them.

7. A Trip Down Memory Lane

Why not take your mom on a wonderful trip down memory lane?

Spend some quality time visiting where she grew up and where her life began. Learn where she first met your father or take pictures of them today in the exact spot they got engaged or had their first kiss. 

If you can’t take her to the old homestead perhaps you can bring a piece of it to you. You could get a google maps overhead view of her childhood home or even have a gingerbread house replica of it made for her that can bring back sweet memories and give her some sweet treats to enjoy.

8. Family Jewels

Create a meaningful gift in honor of your family by either designing a piece of jewelry with all the birthstones of family members. You don’t have to use expensive precious stones. 

You can even create your own replica stones to use in the broach, necklace or bracelet using glass. You could upcycle costume jewelry stones into a unique one of a kind masterpiece made just for her.

9. DIY Garden Stones

You can easily create a beautiful garden path for mom. Homemade garden stones that could include beautiful colored decor.

You could have the hand or footprints of grandchildren and family members to personalize it which could make her garden an even more precious spot for her to relax and to be reminded of your love with every step.

10. Self-Care Box

Life gets busy and you can’t always be there to pamper and care for mom. Give her a special self-care box that will give her the gift of pampering even when you’re far away.

You may include home spa products like face masks and bath oils. An iPod loaded with relaxing music or guided meditation experiences can bring peace to even the most stressful day.

You could make her a box of movie treats like popcorn and candy and buy her a year’s subscription to Netflix or another streaming media site that she’d enjoy.

11. Fairy or Herb Garden 

Build your mom a home herb or fairy garden that she can enjoy throughout the year. Add your own personality and magic to your creation by painting and creating the pots and decorations yourself. 

Fairy gardens are a great gift that can be expanded on each year and can bring joy to your mom and her grandchildren as they enjoy the magical world you’ve created. They may even expand on your original garden and create a mystical fairy world they can build on and play with for years to come.

A herb garden and fairy garden combined could give your mom wonderful fresh herbs to cook with as well.

Meaningful Gifts Come From the Heart

The most precious and meaningful gifts come from the heart and will touch your mom’s heart in a way no regular gift can. 

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