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Celebrate Your Love: 9 Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

What do you get for the man who has everything? He has it all! A trendy watch, a master’s grill, a hat from every one of his favorite sports teams.

Finding gifts can be extremely challenging, but bringing some romance to the gift-giving means you can’t go wrong. 

We did the work for you and selected the top romantic gift ideas for him so you can celebrate your love. 

1. Beer Subscription 

The internet is a beautiful place. You can now sign up for a craft beer subscription with just the click of a button.

You can select the amount of beer, the number of shipments, and the frequency of delivery. How cool is that?

When the new shipment of beer comes, make it a romantic night in with you, your honey, and a curated collection of craft beers. 

2. A Weekend Away

Ah, a gift for you both. There is nothing like a weekend away to escape the normalities of daily life. 

Where you go is ultimately up to you, but when choosing a place, try to consider how much time you would spend getting there versus being there. We recommend a short drive or flight if you’re going to go away for the weekend.

If you’re into nature, rent a cabin in the woods for a weekend away. Get a cabin with a hot tub for a romantic plus. If a fancy hotel is more your vibe, try a weekend as a metropolitan couple in the big city near you. 

Plan some activities to do together, like a hike or go to a museum, but also allow time for relaxing and other romantic festivities.

3. Pictures

There are a few ways to approach giving photos as a gift. 

You could create a photo album of all your memorable times together, creating sections for special moments and holidays. Or frame your favorite photo together accompanied by a sweet note or a bottle of wine.

Whatever the way you present your photos, he’ll love that you thought of him and that moment together. 

4. Tickets 

It’s always romantic to give a gift that fuels your lover’s passions. It’s even better when you get to enjoy their hobbies alongside them.

Whether it’s a local band your man is dying to see or a football game of his favorite team, you can’t go wrong with tickets.

Showing that you’re engaged in your lover’s interests will give you some major points in the romance department.

5. Video Book

A modern love note!

video book is one of the newest gift trends out there. Simply record something special for your loved one.

Talk about your favorite memories together, or play their favorite song on the guitar. Whatever you do with your video, you can style it how you want.

With every video book, you can update and customize the style, the video, and you can even add a soundtrack.

They’ll be shocked when they open their book to find a video! 

6. A Nice Dinner

One of the top romantic ideas for him revolves around everyone’s favorite gift: food!

You’ll have to think a bit about what suits your loved one. Are they into the whole fancy restaurant experience, or are they a homebody that would rather eat takeout on the couch? You are giving this gift to them after all, so you should cater to their wants.

Whether it’s homemade or at a fancy restaurant, do something out of your norm. You’ll want to make the night special.

If you’re out to dinner, pick him out an outfit, open a nice bottle of wine, and let him know you’re going to the restaurant he’s been talking about for months. 

Want to go the homemade dinner route? Make something extraordinary. Perhaps his grandmother’s lasagne recipe or his favorite steak and potatoes dish.

Are you a notoriously bad cook? You can always get take-out and dress it up.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Oh, this is a fun one! Create a scavenger hunt for your honey that leads to the prize. . . you (or another gift, if you want to go the extra mile)!

Start by leaving little clues, one leading to the other. To fancy it up a bit, you can add small gifts with each clue. Eventually, he’ll get to the final clue and can get his last gift!

Another way you can go about a scavenger hunt is by scaling up your game a bit.

Plan a journey for you both to go across your city or town, searching for different locations for the clues you’ve so stealthily planted earlier. A beautiful evening together is all you need for a romantic evening as a couple. 

8. Couples Massage

One for you, one for me. 

Let your lover get pampered with the gift of a couple’s massage. There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage, but being next to your loved one while getting loosened up? Even better. 

9. A Love Letter 

The original romantic gift.

A letter describing your love, your memories, your hopes, and dreams together. It may sound mushy, but it is going to be a token of your love he holds onto for a while. 

To amp up the romance, plan an annual letter for your man. When you’re older you’ll be able to look back on all the beautiful times you’ve had together over the years.

Some of the Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

There is nothing more romantic than something made from the heart. With true emotion, love, and passion.

These are ultimately the most romantic gift ideas for him. 

That’s why we make gifts from the heart at Viftbox. We’ve got the perfect gift for moms, dads, grandparents and more.  

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