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10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life

Over the last few years, Valentine’s Day spending in the UK has jumped from £460 million in 2015 to £650 million in 2018.

You might’ve noticed this every year, as people boast of bigger and more expensive gifts on social media.

But bigger (and more expensive) isn’t always better. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are most thought-out, which means they don’t have to cost a ton.

This year, don’t go for the priciest gift; instead, go for the most romantic. Here are 10 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for some inspiration.

1. Infinity Necklace

For the spouse who loves jewellery, she can never have enough pieces. In this case, you’re lucky, since Valentine’s Day gifts will be easy to buy for her.

This year, you should consider getting her an infinity necklace. That way, she can wear a symbol of your everlasting love on her whenever she gets dressed up.

2. Champagne Flutes

Is your significant other a fan of champagne? Then a new set of nice champagne flutes can be a great gift! Some retailers even let you create custom designs, so you can put a nice personal touch on them if you want.

To really make this present special, you can also give her a nice bottle of champagne for the occasion. Don’t forget to buy some strawberries too! Just pop them into the flutes and pour the champagne directly over them for a nice drink.

3. Silk Pyjamas

Your love deserves to get a good night’s rest every night, so why not help her out with a new pair of silk pyjamas? She’ll be living the life of luxury whenever she lays her head down to sleep.

A well-rested spouse means a happy wife. And you know what they say: happy wife, happy life!

4. Heart-Shaped Le Creuset Cast Iron Pot

Does your wife love to cook? Then give her a new piece to show off in the kitchen with a heart-shaped Le Creuset cast iron pot.

Not only is Le Creuset a top-quality brand, but cast iron also can last you a lifetime. This heart-shaped gift will definitely be a good investment, as your partner will be able to cook delicious foods in it and be reminded of your love whenever she does.

5. A New Handbag

Yes, we said earlier that a higher price tag doesn’t mean it’s a better gift. But we don’t necessarily mean you should get your wife an expensive Kate Spade bag. Instead, if she’s been using the same ratty handbag for years, look for a new one that’s not only stylish, but also useful.

For example, you can get her a nice Cath Kidston handbag. This brand name isn’t very expensive and their designs are very nice. Plus, they have plenty of different bags that serve different purposes, so utility-wise, these handbags are very handy.

6. A Box of Truffles

You can get her a box of chocolates on any other day, but a box of truffles? Now that’s something truly special.

This is the perfect gift for wives who love sweets. Pair a box of high-quality truffles with a bottle of champagne (and maybe also the flutes mentioned above) and you’ll definitely impress your wife.

7. Lingerie Subscription Box

If your wife’s been down about her body, then surprise her with a lingerie subscription box this Valentine’s Day. Not only can you enjoy some new garments on her, but she can also discover some flattering pieces that’ll make her feel beautiful and sexy again.

For most men, there’s some pressure when it comes to picking out lingerie, as more often than not, they end up picking something that’s unflattering. But with a subscription box, that responsibility’s off your shoulders!

8. Spa Kit

No matter if your spouse is a stay-at-home wife or a career woman, she probably has a lot on her plate. She might be stressed out all the time, so why not give her a break and create a spa day at home?

If you have kids, gift her the spa kit and take them out for a few hours while she relaxes and unwinds. By the time you return with the children, put them to bed, and take her out to a nice dinner, she’ll be in a fantastic mood.

9. New Co-Op Video Game

This one’s for the nerdier couples!

If the two of you enjoy playing video games together, then consider gifting her a new co-op video game. This can be very thoughtful, especially if she’s been complaining that you don’t spend enough time with her lately.

By giving her this present, you’re telling her that she’s worth spending time with and that you’d love to experience a new game together.

10. Video Book

One of the most creative and unique gifts you can give your significant other this Valentine’s Day is a video book.

Yes, scrapbooks are very personal presents to give, but those are a thing of the past. Today, there are video books where you can handpick your pictures and memories, put them in, and have the book sent straight to your door.

Instead of having all your treasured memories on the internet in the cloud, they’ll be stored away in an easily accessible video book. Plus, it’ll be rechargeable, which means whenever your loved one wants to take a look at your memories, she can do so.

Use These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to hit it out of the ballpark this upcoming year, why not use these fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

Let your sweetie know how much you love her by putting some extra thought into her gifts this next Valentine’s Day. She’ll definitely appreciate the romantic gestures!

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