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How To Make A Truly Memorable Gesture When You Can’t Make The Wedding

Picture the scene – one of your best friends, or a close family member, is getting married. You’d give anything to be there but – life being life – you just can’t make it, and you feel terrible.

Apart from the fact you’re missing what will be a super party, you also want to let your loved one know how important their big day is to you too, and how even though you can’t be there in person, you are there 100 percent in spirit.

You feel like sending a gift is not enough, and you want to make a personal gesture that shows how much they mean to you – a gesture they can keep and cherish long after their big day is over.

Well, here’s a bright idea: Viftbox.

With Viftbox, you can give your card or gift the personal touch by including a video message to be played while your loved one opens it.

Here’s how it works: you record your own personal video message, using your phone or your webcam, and upload it to the Viftbox website. They will then deliver it in a card, book or box.

Oh and if one video isn’t enough to get your message across, you can also upload multiple videos or photos at once that will all automatically roll as soon as your gift or card is opened on the big day. 

This sweet surprise delivers a real emotional impact. You could write an identical message in an email but it wouldn’t quite be the same as seeing your smiling face right there in front of them.

And you could say the same words in a phone call or video call, but you’d lose that element of surprise on the day itself – and the fact that your loved one will still have the thoughtful video message years into the future as a memento of their wedding day, and of the part you managed to play in it despite the long distance.

Your loved one will also really appreciate the extra effort you have gone to by doing something really special to show how much you care.

And while they’re dancing their wedding night away with their new husband or wife, thanks to Viftbox they’ll know that you are there beside them – in spirit at least!

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